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Photo #In_Love_With_Mecca

and conditions

Umm Al-Qura Development and Reconstruction Company welcomes all those wishing to participate, and the following are required to enter the competition:

• When participating in the competition, the participant agrees to the competition rules, terms and conditions.

• By participating in the competition, the participant agrees and acknowledges that Umm Al-Qura Development and Reconstruction Company ("the Company") is allowed to receive its registration data. The Company will use all personal information in accordance with its privacy policy.

• If the applicant is under 16 years of age, he or she must obtain the consent of his or her parents or legal guardian to participate in the competition.

• Participant agrees and acknowledges to release a party, protect the Company, and discharge from liability as well as its affiliated entities, officials, managers, employees, contractors, agents and licensees of any claims, losses, damages or injuries, or disappointment that may be incurred as a result from participation in the competition or any activities related to the competition and acceptance, use, misuse or possession of any prize awarded in this competition.

• The participant is in no way entitled to withdraw the photos from the competition after he or she has submitted them to participate in the competition.

• The participant undertakes the authenticity of the participating photos, and that no one owns the intellectual property rights of the photo. In case the material or items provided by the participant contain a substance or items that it does not possess and/or are subject to the rights of third parties and/or if there are persons appearing therein, the participant is responsible for obtaining, prior to submission, a power of clearance and the necessary consents to permit the display and use.

• The participant agrees and acknowledges to discharge, compensate, release a party, protect the Company, and discharge from liability, as well as its affiliated entities, officials, directors, employees, contractors, agents and licensees from any infringement of the intellectual property, privacy or any other rights of any third party.

• The participant grants the Company a permanent, irrevocable, property-free, fully paid and non-exclusive licence worldwide for the unrestricted use of the photos provided, and the Company is entitled to use the participated images in its media and advertising and to benefit from any photo shared.

• Umm Al Qura Development and Reconstruction Company reserves the right, at its own discretion and without providing any reasons, to exclude and cancel any participation, without any obligations or compensation whatsoever.

• The Company reserves its right at its sole discretion to request certain information relating to the participant in the competition, including proof of identity, age and address.

• The participant agrees to refrain from claiming property rights or any moral rights to photographs that are the subject of copyright, any derivative, assembly, sequel or series, or any related work created by the participant himself or by the Company in connection with the competition.
For the avoidance of doubt, all rights granted in the name and ownership of the competition and the competition form are considered the individual ownership of the Company and can be exploited at the Company's sole discretion.

• If the participant is selected as the winner of the competition, he/she agrees and agrees to the following:
- To grant and transfer to the Company all rights, interests and intellectual property in all submissions made by the participant in the Competition (including current and future rights) and whether they currently exist or will exist in the future.
- All intellectual property rights in any work he or she creates or submits are exclusively owned by the Company.
- Sign all documents and perform all other works required by the Company to enable it to enjoy the full benefits mentioned above.

• The participant agrees and realizes that the Company will not incur any financial costs on his or her behalf for his and her participation in the competition. The participant also acknowledges that any costs related to the participant's participation in the competition and any subsidiary issues arising therefrom will be borne by the participant.

• The Company reserves the right to change or cancel any of the Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. Accordingly, the Participant shall regularly consult any updates to the Terms and Conditions.

• These Terms and Conditions are drafted in Arabic and English, and in case of any conflict arise, the Arabic version will prevail.

• These Terms and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or relating to these Terms or their object or composition shall be subject to the regulations and laws of Saudi Arabia. Any dispute arising in connection with such acknowledgement shall be referred to the competent court of Saudi Arabia for adjudication.


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