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In the spiritual heart of Saudi Arabia.
Offering Unparalleled experiences
and modern hospitality to inspire every journey.


Masar transcends expectations. Shaped by the aspiration of millions for a transformative journey, Masar offers an elevated spiritual experience. One that is enriched at every turn, by unparalleled hospitality, innovative mobility, and diverse tourism. All with the holy mosque forever insight.


Our goal is as ambitious as it is transformative. By reinventing the urban landscape, we’ve built the foundations for a truly future-proof metropolis. Masar beckons a new age of optimism with unparalleled opportunities to collaborate in a venture ecosystem in the heart of Makkah. We’re creating both a breathtaking horizon and a sustainable economic landscape.


Masar is a beautiful paradox of unity and diversity, shaped by the convergence of myriad continents, cultures, and communities. Forever immersed in the colorful and authentic essence of Makkah, you’ll be treated to the oldest of local traditions alongside a host of influences from across the world. The result is a proud global energy that blends unique cultural needs with innovative amenities for all.


Inspired by humanity’s innate desire for the new, Masar is a destination of uniquely curated moments that inspires a new way of life . We’re inviting the world to experience the delicate and seamless balance of culture, spirituality, art, and entertainment that will surprise, inspire, and enrich the senses.
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